It’s nice to have so many good things to write about for a change. =)

I have made plans for Comic Con on Saturday. We’re going for 9am so I’m getting up at 6.30, picking the guys up, we’re heading into town for breakfast at McDonald’s and then it’s off to the train station for COMIC CON! =D It’s gonna be epic. It’ll also be the first day out for my new backpack. I’m gonna try not to spend too much as I need money for London in April…Fat chance, haha!

Also I have gone a little Marvel mad lately… My Marvel Unlimited subscrpition is up and working and it’s freaking amazing! Although the reader on my phone is a little lame and back dated compared with the awesome one they have for just the regular Marvel digital comics. I signed up for the Marvel MMO coming out soon, subcribed to the Marvel Fact File weekly thing. (I think it’s for kids but it looks awesome and eventually comes with an Iron Man statue! =3) Oh, and I just booked my midnight ticket to go see Iron Man 3 in 3D on the 25th! Yay!

I realise this is a little over the top but it makes me happy and takes my mind off all the other crap going on. Plus it gives me a whole new world of people to interact with, which is awesome!

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